Chances are, like most people who own safes, you keep many of your prized possessions in it. As that’s the case, you don’t joke with the strength and security of your safes.

So when you need a locksmith for any safe-related project like installation, maintenance, or opening the safe when you can’t get it opened, you want a locksmith you can trust who is also competent at their job.

Now, spotting the right person for the job can be a hassle. If you know exactly what qualities to look for, you’ll find the best locksmith you need. Let’s show you those qualities to help you spot a trustworthy safe opening locksmith near you. The owner of in Phoenix, AZ  was quoted saying “Read the reviews and talk with the locksmith before letting anyone touch your safe”.

How to Pick a Trustworthy Safe Opening Locksmith

1. Get a recommendation from trusted friends and family

Getting your friends or relatives to recommend a locksmith is a very good lead. However, be careful if it is a large corporation and not an individual locksmith.

Companies can change staff and change their policies, so the quality of work is likely to change. Some safe locksmiths are part of a network approved by a safe manufacturer, which vouches for their reliability. They must therefore respect a rigorous, respectful and honest line of conduct. 

If possible, find out about the brand of your safe. Call the manufacturer of this brand for the names of its approved locksmiths.

Avoid the sales messages which flood your mailboxes, claiming to solve your problems of electricity, locksmiths, shutters, etc. Good craftsmen can also promote their services in this way, but this mode of communication doesn’t inspire trust.

2. The locksmith gives a quote and sticks to it

Unlike problems in the plumbing industry where it is often difficult to do a thorough analysis of the situation without having to travel, in the locksmith industry it is almost always possible to understand the situation over the phone. A competent locksmith will ask you for the brand of your safe and ask you questions about the locking mechanism.

They must be able to give you an idea of ​​the cost of their service by telephone for a simple operation and to commit to a quote after a visit.

And they will respect the response time they promised.

3. They analyze and suggest the best solution

In situations where you have little knowledge of locksmithing, some locksmiths can take advantage of it. A good professional should take the time to analyze the problem and find the best solution, which is not necessarily the most expensive.

If the locksmith is required to open the safe, he will warn you in advance of the level of complexity, in particular on the fact that if the lock is broken after his service, it will have to be changed. Be aware that it’s not all cases where a locksmith has to open your safe that’ll lead to permanent damage to the safe’s locking mechanism.

4. The total amount of the invoice is reasonable

The total invoice amount must include travel expenses, the cost of labor and materials. A low cost of travel and a low hourly rate can mask significant margins on equipment.

Be careful, it is true that certain types of safes are very expensive. There are indeed safes on the market that can cost several thousands of dollars and more. If you absolutely want to install a safe of this type, know that you will have to devote a significant budget to it. However, this is not the only safe you can buy. There are much cheaper models.

5. They’re equipped and ready to deliver safe locksmith service immediately

They must arrive at your home with the necessary tools and have all the most common spare parts in their vehicle.

If the repair is complex and requires the ordering of parts, they must be able to install a temporary opening system for you. If it is an emergency repair that must be followed by a more substantial intervention, take the time to have several quotes drawn up.

Whatever the extent of the service, the locksmith must preserve the aesthetics of the premises, using the appropriate tools and putting in place the necessary covers (covers).

Safe Locksmith Services

The primary purpose of a safe is to protect your documents and valuables. But today there is no safe that is truly unbreakable.

The safe is therefore built with materials that will be extremely resistant to attacks and equipped with a lock adapted to the level of security chosen: key, digital codes, combination discs, etc.

But how do you handle a situation when you need your safe to be opened by a professional locksmith?

Call us to help you out. We satisfy all the 5 criteria we mentioned above and more — all tailored to provide you a wholesome and satisfying service delivery. So, you can go back to using your safe as good as brand new.

The types of safes locksmiths can work on are:

  • Gun Safe
  • Home Safes
  • Office Safes
  • Rifle Safe
  • Pistol Safe
  • Fire Safes
  • Floor Safe
  • Wall Safe, and
  • Digital Safes

Do your research before letting any locksmith work on your safe!

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